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Frequently asked questions


Because every case is different, your consultation could take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half.

How much does treatment cost?

Cost of treatments vary based on the reason for your hair loss, what kind of treatment is required, and the number of treatments that will be necessary. We offer a complimentary hair analysis to provide personalized treatment plans.

Does laser hair therapy hurt?

The lasers we use are low-intensity and completely painless. In some cases, patients experienced a mild tingling sensation immediately after the treatment but it fades away within a couple minutes. Most patients leave the treatment feeling more relaxed.

Is laser hair therapy safe?

Laser Hair Therapy is a safe, non-invasive treatment with virtually no negative side effects because of the low-intensity laser. Laser Hair Rejuvenation energy does not change or alter molecular structures; it stimulates the body’s mechanism to repair and heal itself

What causes hair loss?

Numerous medical conditions can cause temporary or permanent hair loss. These include thyroid or other hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, auto-immune disorders, medication side effects, trauma to the hair or scalp, stress and many others.

Does stress affect hair loss?

There are many causes of hair loss and stress is one of them. Stress can change a multitude of biological functions in the body and if untreated any hair loss problem will become chronic in relation to the ongoing stress. If stress is really the culprit any loss of hair after the influence of the stressor has passed usually will re-grow. Quite often stress is only one of many issues that need to be dealt with.

Is hair loss hormonal?

Hair loss can be hormonal, particularly when seen in women. It is very difficult to regulate hormonal imbalances for the majority of people and if hair loss is happening because of a hormonal imbalance there is usually little that can be done outside of dealing with the hormonal condition.

Thank you, Thank you!

“Within a week of doing the first program I went from 15-20 hairs in the sink to 3-4 when I combed or styled my hair. After the first program of nine weeks, one of my sisters who hadn‘t seen me in a while said, “Wow girl, you have hair!” Thank you, thank you, thank you Micron Laboratories!”
- A.Cecile A., Kamloops, BC

Supportive Staff and Real Results

“I can’t believe in a short time, my hair loss stopped and I regained my hair growth. The staff is extremely supportive, and I would highly recommend them to anybody to get a free analysis to stop hair loss problems.”
- Kris A., Vancouver, BC

Gaining Confidence

“I feel that the treatment has really helped with repairing my hair loss. The environment is friendly, and procedures are easy and simple to understand. Thank you Dr. Price for helping me gain the confidence I needed.”
- Jan Justin M., Vancouver, BC

The Only Treatment That's Worked

“I had tried Rogaine for a year and a half and Propecia for a year. I didn’t find any change in hair loss or stoppage. I have done treatment at Micron for two months and my hair loss has stopped. No more shedding on a regular basis or in the shower. This is the only treatment I’ve found that has worked. I’m very pleased with the results so far.”
- Frankie C., Los Angeles

Disclaimer: *Results may vary from person to person*