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What Causes Hair Loss In Women?
11.03.16 - Thursday
By: Micron Labs

Most people associate hair loss with receding hairlines, futile combovers, and shaved heads. In other words, we think of men when we think of hair loss. Men definitely do experience hair loss and balding at greater rates than women. There is no doubt about that. Still, women also lose hair, and according to a new study from hair doctor Philip Kingsley, 20 percent of women in the United Kingdom above the age of 25 suffer from exactly that. Kingsley says, “The percentage of women with hair thinning (reduced volume) is much larger than is commonly thought as many suffer in silence. Sadly, a third of those suffering said that they haven’t done anything to address the problem, perhaps as they feel too embarrassed to seek help.”

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Medical Conditions Cause Hair Loss


The reason women lose hair can also be quite different from men. Hair transplant surgeon, Dr Thomy Kouremada-Zioga, says, “Unlike baldness in men, hair loss in women aside from the natural thinning which occurs after the menopause, is almost always caused by an underlying medical condition and most of the times with the correct treatment can be reversed.”

One of these conditions is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, where women’s bodies produce more testosterone than usual. Another particular set of conditions is that certain birth control pills may cause women to lose hair as a side effect. On the flip side, pregnancy may also be responsible for hair loss.

Catching Hair Loss Early is Critical

As the doctor notes, though, you can correct these issues if you catch them early. Kingsley writes that, “Hair loss is extremely complicated and the unfortunate aspect is that the person is not aware of reduced volume (thinner hair) until they have lost 15 percent of volume, which means it started long before they noticed it. Some do not seek help early enough or from true hair and scalp experts to solve the problem successfully.”

Kouremada-Zioga also agrees, saying that, “The sooner you seek the advice of an expert the better, as hair loss can be reversed easier in initial stages.” Unfortunately, as Kingsley noted, many women are too scared to seek help when they start to notice they’re losing hair. We don’t want that to be you. If you aren’t sure if your hair loss is normal, but you’re reading our website, it’s probably a good enough sign that it isn’t.

Seek Help Now

So, the best thing for you to do is come in to see us for a consultation, and we’ll let you know if what you’re experiencing is outside of the average hair loss. If so, we’ll take care of the next steps, and get your hair right back to where it was before. Don’t let stereotypes about hair loss dissuade you: women lose hair, but Micron Laboratories helps you grow it back.

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Thank you, Thank you!

“Within a week of doing the first program I went from 15-20 hairs in the sink to 3-4 when I combed or styled my hair. After the first program of nine weeks, one of my sisters who hadn‘t seen me in a while said, “Wow girl, you have hair!” Thank you, thank you, thank you Micron Laboratories!”
- A.Cecile A., Kamloops, BC

Supportive Staff and Real Results

“I can’t believe in a short time, my hair loss stopped and I regained my hair growth. The staff is extremely supportive, and I would highly recommend them to anybody to get a free analysis to stop hair loss problems.”
- Kris A., Vancouver, BC

Gaining Confidence

“I feel that the treatment has really helped with repairing my hair loss. The environment is friendly, and procedures are easy and simple to understand. Thank you Dr. Price for helping me gain the confidence I needed.”
- Jan Justin M., Vancouver, BC

The Only Treatment That's Worked

“I had tried Rogaine for a year and a half and Propecia for a year. I didn’t find any change in hair loss or stoppage. I have done treatment at Micron for two months and my hair loss has stopped. No more shedding on a regular basis or in the shower. This is the only treatment I’ve found that has worked. I’m very pleased with the results so far.”
- Frankie C., Los Angeles

Disclaimer: *Results may vary from person to person*